Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scratchin an Itch!!

The last few weeks I have had the itch once again to do some projects!! Here are some of the latest ones!!

Hooter Hider Tutorial

I know there are lots of ways to make these, but here is mine!

The below drawings were some we did as a family, I had wanted to frame them but I hadn't found the perfect ones and then I saw this and decided to make my own version. I bought some garden trellis, it comes in lots of shapes and sizes and is very inexpensive, and you can purchase it at any home improvement store tip: (I sanded it down just a bit to get some of the rough edges off)

Then I found some wooden drawer knobs like these, spray painted them with paint I already had. I then glued them, using wood glue, to the trellis and while they were drying I searched the closets and found 5 wooden pants hangers and then hung them from the trellis.

Here is the final result!! I love having the families art displayed in a new and casual way, also we can change them out very easily if we want to!!

The other quick project was this great side table I found at a local thrift store for $5.95, bought some rust orange spray paint, sanded it down a bit and sprayed it! I let it dry overnight and now it is getting along quite nicely with the other furniture in our front room!!


  1. Great job Marylin! I've been working on a kid's display art thing too. Yours is definitely more creative than mine!

  2. Marylin, your talents amaze me!! I LOVE the picture display thing!!!! AWESOME, girl!

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