Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Life!!

Amidst all the other projects I am working on this one was a first. I found this coffee table at my favorite thrift store for $7.95 and swooped it up, it had great lines, it seemed very sturdy and had tons of potential! Compared to the couch I am working on this seemed like it would be a much quicker project so I made a stop at Wal-Mart for spray paint, sand paper and got started right away!

80 grit Sandpaper
220 or Extra Fine Sandpaper
3 Cans Spray Paint in Ivory Satin
Tack Cloth (slightly sticky to remove sanding dust)

First Step

Using the 80 Grit Sandpaper I sanded the entire table down just to give the paint enough grit to grab onto. This table was pretty worn so it didn't need any really heavy handed work, but some pieces need a lot more sanding.

Second Step

Use a Tack cloth (Wal-mart or other home improvement section) to remove all sanding dust completely! This is an important step as you want the paint to look smooth going on.

Third Step

Apply first thin coat of paint to surface (follow the instructions on the paint can you are using to know how long it will take for the paint to dry) I used one that allowed for multiple layers if they were given about 10 min to dry after but no more than an hour.

Next repeat Step 1 & 2 using a 220 or Extra Fine Sandpaper in between each layer of paint. For this project I didn't have one entire day to work on it so I did this over a few days.

Last Step

After the final coat of paint had completely dried I used the 220 Sandpaper to distress it just a bit around the edges of the table. I also used a hammer and some other hard objects to add a little more character to the table i.e. dents & scratches. I did not use a sealant on this table but you would want to if you were using it for eating off of.

I am not a professional in this area but I did a lot of looking online and talking to those whom had done similar projects before, to know some of the tricks!!

I am pretty happy with the end result! Honestly I didn't mind the table before the paint but I LOVE it now!!


  1. I love it! I think your house always looks so cute, warm and cozy. I have no decorating style whatsoever so I am jealous of all of the cute things you find to do!

  2. Great Job! I would like to try more projects like that :)